Local journalism in the U.S. remains at a crisis point: newsrooms that existed for decades have vanished or are at risk of disappearing. At the same time, there are urgent external crises that make the need for communities to receive information all the more critical – namely climate change.

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Notorious Attractions: Tourism of Infamy Draws Visitors to Small Communities

When leveraging controversial and dark history for economic benefits of tourism, many small towns try to make sure the seedy past is not the only thing defining their community.


Profile: University of Kentucky Med Student Chooses to Practice Rural Medicine

A fresh graduate of the College of Medicine at UK wants to go back to her small community to treat patients and inspire others to choose rural medicine as their career path.


Lack of Family Support Adds to Rural Transgender Adults’ Health Risks

According to a recent study, nearly half of rural transgender adults say they don?t get support from their families. It?s a reality that endangers their health.


Another Rural Entertainment Roundup

Comics, cartoons, and old friends headline our latest batch of recommendations for rural stories to read, watch, or listen to this summer.


With Billions of Dollars on the Line, DOT Program Helps Small Towns, Rural Areas Handle Grant Applications

Small jurisdictions may lack the resources to submit competitive grant applications for federal support. The Thriving Communities Program is designed to help those local governments get on track. A large proportion of the 64 grantees applied unsuccessfully for federal support in the past.


Southern Utes drum up rich history at cultural center

The Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum is an iconic, state-of-the-art museum that gives voice to the Southern Ute tribe, preserving their story so that future generations will know what it meant to be Ute, and educating visitors about their vibrant culture. It’s presented through photographic curtains, audio/visual presentations, and life-sized replicas, including an awesome buffalo-hide teepee.


Commentary: Kentucky’s Choice of Poet Laureate Strengthens Diverse Rural Voices

The governor's choice of Silas House as the state's poet laureate has caused a backlash among Republicans. What should be controversial are the anti-LGBTQ measures that House and others have opposed.


Another target of GOP spending cuts: renewables for farmers

A budget proposal in the House could roll back billions for rural clean energy.


Four Rural Sites Listed on Annual ‘Most Endangered List’ for 2023

Rural sites and landmarks listed on The National Trust for Historic Preservation?s list help galvanize communities around their heritage and history, often bringing in additional economic development to the area.


At 33,000 and Counting, Tennessee Is Documenting Historic Cemeteries in Statewide Database

From immaculate urban garden spots to the faint remnants of small, rural burying grounds, cemeteries contain a wealth of history. The state historical commission has launched an online tool to help track and report cemetery locations. Completing the project may take an eternity.

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