Local journalism in the U.S. remains at a crisis point: newsrooms that existed for decades have vanished or are at risk of disappearing. At the same time, there are urgent external crises that make the need for communities to receive information all the more critical – namely climate change.

The Rural Newswire exists in order to help provide resources to newsrooms that serve rural communities. For editors and publishers looking for editorial support, all of our stories are free to redistribute, republish, and share.

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When Blue Collar Work Means More Energy for Art

In rural Southern Illinois, the available jobs are often difficult labor or service industry work. But for some, these conditions are perfect incubators for creativity.


Program Brings Together Three Generations to Discuss Aging

A new program in Oklahoma will combine the wisdom of senior citizens and the youth of high schoolers to fight negative stereotypes about aging in rural communities.


Repairing the Pipeline for Rural Career and Technical Educators in Wyoming

Rural Wyoming is running out of Career and Technical educators, negatively affecting rural communities and economies. The University of Wyoming is partnering with local community colleges to prepare the next generation of CTE teachers.


Accidental Rancher: Shearer’s Dilemma

Shearing season in northwest South Dakota meets the post-industrial capitalism realities of American economy.


Q&A: Can a Small-Town Food Co-op Survive?

Cathy Stanton's forthcoming book, "Food Margins: Lessons from an Unlikely Grocer," studies the food system from the ground up.


What a Borderland Church Taught Me About Belonging

Some of us feel torn between two seemingly conflicting parts of ourselves.


Book on Rural ‘Rage’ Is a Grindstone in Search of an Ax


At the Eclipse Crossroads of America in Southern Illinois

Rural residents of Southern Illinois have found themselves in the path of totality for two eclipses in just seven years.


Across the Country, Amish Populations Are on the Rise

As the Amish population in America grows, Amish communities


Water from arsenic-laced wells could protect the Pine Ridge reservation from wildfires

“We’re looking to deal with extended drought and the increasing intensity of wildfires.”

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