Local journalism in the U.S. remains at a crisis point: newsrooms that existed for decades have vanished or are at risk of disappearing. At the same time, there are urgent external crises that make the need for communities to receive information all the more critical – namely climate change.

The Rural Newswire exists in order to help provide resources to newsrooms that serve rural communities. For editors and publishers looking for editorial support, all of our stories are free to redistribute, republish, and share.

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Study: Rural, Urban Communities Agree on More Issues Than Expected, but Differences Remain

A survey found that urban and rural communities feel similarly on a large number of political and economic issues, with inflation being a number one concern for both.


Commentary: VA’s Plan to Cut Ambulance Payments Will Hurt Rural Veterans and Communities

The Veterans Administration wants to pass the cost for ambulance transport on to other agencies and local governments. Funding that gap will hit rural areas hard.


Movie Examines American Dream Through the Lens of Diminishing Rural Healthcare

"If Dreams Were Lightning" asks "What is a community if it doesn't have something as essential as a place to go when you're sick?"


45 Degrees North: The Flip Side of Gas Stoves

The holidays can be a great time to share family recipes, traditions, and perspectives on life that sometimes puzzle our loved ones – like the rural devotion to gas stoves.


Study: Rural Hospitals in Missouri Offer Services to Overcome Barriers to Care

According to the researchers conducting the study, lack of national healthcare policy forces rural providers to do "a lot of downstream patchwork that occurs to help people get the care they need."


What would happen if everyone stopped eating meat tomorrow?

Answering that question shows just how tricky it would be to drop meat altogether.


N.C. Hospital Administrators Talk Innovations to Create Healthier Rural Communities

A panel of hospital executives exchanged ideas on how to serve their patients better by leveraging advantages found in rural communities of North Carolina.


A Son’s Eulogy: Rosalynn Carter’s ‘Life of Adventure’ Included Her Return to Hometown

Rosalynn Carter wasn’t pleased about going back to small-town life after the broader horizons provided by Jimmy’s naval career, according to son Chip. But, as it turned out, her adventures were just beginning.


Why tenants struggle more in the wake of hurricanes

“There's so many ways that renters are screwed.”


An Unlikely Coalition to Protect Colorado’s Dolores River

After almost two decades of meandering and navigating vastly diverse interests, The Lower Dolores Working Group is looking at a legislative solution that could protect the river into the future.

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