Local journalism in the U.S. remains at a crisis point: newsrooms that existed for decades have vanished or are at risk of disappearing. At the same time, there are urgent external crises that make the need for communities to receive information all the more critical – namely climate change.

The Rural Newswire exists in order to help provide resources to newsrooms that serve rural communities. For editors and publishers looking for editorial support, all of our stories are free to redistribute, republish, and share.

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45 Degrees North: When Rural Neighbors Hoard

What can you do when hoarding behavior threatens the health and welfare of a rural relative or neighbor


Video: Meet the High School Students Running a Recycling Business

Imagine a shop class that makes money and buys its own tools. At Ca


Rural Schools Look for Ways to Bring More Multilingual Education into the Curriculum

In order to provide the most educational opportunities, rural schools are implementing a variety of strategies to accommodate the needs of bilingual students. But teachers shortages and funding are among the biggest challenges.


How data gaps could put US territories like Guam and Puerto Rico at greater risk for climate change

"If folks are serious about environmental justice, they need to be serious about addressing equity issues in U.S territories."


New Clinic on a Reservation in Oregon Advances Tribal Sovereignty



In a Sustained Drought, Water Solutions Grant Funds Agricultural Innovation in Rural Colorado

Funding from the LOR Foundation allows farmers to experiment with unique and heritage grains and seeds that might be better adapted to drought conditions in the Southwest.


Vermont passed a bill making Big Oil pay. Now comes the hard part.

The state still has to figure out how much individual fossil fuel companies must pay for the impacts of climate-driven disasters.


In a debut book, a love letter to eastern North Carolina — and an indictment of colonialism as a driver of climate change

Lumbee scientist Ryan Emanuel on seeking home, and climate justice, in "On the Swamp: Fighting for Indigenous Environmental Justice."


Canadian wildfire smoke just blanketed the Midwest — again

"You could definitely see the smoke outside, you could smell it, you could even taste it."


Accidental Rancher: The Fussiest Season

New bustling life on the ranch means a typically busy spring season for Eliza Blue, our accidental rancher.

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